What is a scoreboard ?


  • Before considering joining the scoreboards, you should become @Bronze in discord and have a study plan for what you want to learn, create a personal online spreadsheet in English and then submit it in the form below.
  • After being accepted by mods, your spreadsheet will be automatically added to the scoreboards. You can edit it directly in the website or in your online file.
  • Update everytime! If you need a short hiatus, submit this form and your spreadsheet will be archived. In case of 1 week of inactivity with no explanation, the spreadsheet will be removed.
  • Be prepared when we go over everyone's scoreboard at the end of the second pomodoro.


Yes, do feel free to check out other people's scoreboards too for inspiration.

A wise member

Hello New Comers. Welcome in. Glad you are here. The scoreboard in the shortest possible description is a group accountability method. I do not want to discourage anyone from joining but please it is something to be taken seriously. If you have some goals you want to reach with regards to studying etc make that first then join.

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